Bangladesh National Cricket Team vs. Pakistan National Cricket Team Match Scorecard

In the subcontinent, cricket is more than simply a sport—it’s a passion that brings people together and tears them apart. One of the most thrilling competitions in all of cricket is between the national cricket teams of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Their meetings are always eagerly awaited, full of suspenseful sequences and exciting performances. We’ll go in-depth into the Bangladesh National Cricket Team vs. Pakistan National Cricket Team Match Scorecard.

Bangladesh National Cricket Team vs. Pakistan National Cricket Team Match historical Context

In the early 1980s, when Bangladesh was still a developing cricketing nation, the competition between Bangladesh and Pakistan began. The conflict has become more significant and intense over time. 

Pakistan dominated the matches at first, but as Bangladesh developed, they began to pose a real threat to their more seasoned neighbors. The way this rivalry has developed is evidence of Bangladesh’s ascent in world cricket. If you want to achieve more information about other teams like Ind vs pak you can get from the Satta Indian.

Key Moments Bangladesh National Cricket Team vs. Pakistan National Cricket Match

Bangladesh and Pakistan have played in several matches that will go down in cricket history. The 1999 World Cup match, in which Bangladesh surprised Pakistan with an unexpected victory, was one of the most memorable. The 2012 Asia Cup final, in which Pakistan defeated Bangladesh in an exciting finale, was another memorable game. 

Not only have the outcomes of these games been noteworthy, but some truly remarkable individual performances have also occurred. At satta indian, you can easily know the history of each match. 

Some important matches between Bangladesh National Cricket Team vs. Pakistan National Cricket Team

May 31, 1999Bangladesh vs. Pakistan – World CupNorthampton, EnglandBangladesh’s historic win against Pakistan, marking their first World Cup victory.
March 2, 2012Bangladesh vs. Pakistan – Asia Cup FinalDhaka, BangladeshA thrilling final where Pakistan edged out Bangladesh to win the Asia Cup
April 19, 2015Bangladesh vs. Pakistan – ODI SeriesDhaka, BangladeshBangladesh’s first series win against Pakistan, winning 3-0 in the ODI series.
September 26, 2018Bangladesh vs. Pakistan – Asia Cup Super FourAbu Dhabi, UAEBangladesh’s victory in the Super Four stage of the Asia Cup, leading them to the final
May 5, 202Bangladesh vs. Pakistan – T20I SeriesLahore, PakistanA closely contested T20I series where Pakistan emerged victorious.
November 21, 2021Bangladesh vs. Pakistan – Test SeriesChattogram, BangladeshA competitive Test series showcasing strong performances from both teams

These matches highlight the competitive nature of the rivalry and the significant moments that have defined the cricketing contests between Bangladesh and Pakistan. With the help of this table, you can understand the Bangladesh National Cricket Team vs. Pakistan National Cricket Team Match Scorecard.

Match Analysis

Let’s examine the most recent encounter between these two titans of cricket. The game, which was played in front of a full stadium, lived up to expectations as both teams put up a fierce fight. This is an in-depth analysis of each innings.

Bangladesh’s Batting Performance

Bangladesh chose to bat first after winning the toss. Their innings was marked by a solid opening overlaid by some brilliant middle-overs batting. Important batters like Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal were crucial. Shakib’s aggressive play accelerated the scoring rate, while Tamim’s patient knock laid a strong platform. The pivotal moment came when Mushfiqur Rahim toyed with the Pakistani bowlers, adding vital runs in the final overs with his exquisite stroke play.

Pakistan’s Bowling Performance

The bowlers from Pakistan, who are renowned for their mix of pace and spin, had a mixed day. The most impressive player was Shaheen Afridi, who took early wickets and swung the ball both ways. But Bangladesh successfully counterattacked in the middle overs. With a few frugal overs, spinners like Shadab Khan were able to turn the tide, but Bangladesh’s late assault guaranteed a competitive score.

Pakistan’s Batting Performance

Pakistan’s innings got off to a rough start with early wicket losses while chasing a difficult target. But with a vital collaboration, the seasoned team of Muhammad Rizwan and Babar Azam stabilized the ship. Pakistan’s innings was highlighted by Rizwan’s hard-hitting stroke play and Babar’s graceful stroke play. 

The pivotal moment occurred when Babar stumbled under a masterful delivery, resulting in a mini-collapse. Pakistan failed to reach the goal, even though there was some late opposition from the lower order.

Bangladesh’s Bowling Performance

The bowlers from Bangladesh performed their strategies flawlessly. The best bowler was Mustafizur Rahman, who caused issues for the Pakistani batters with his variety. Mehidy Hasan Miraz and Shakib Al Hasan, among other spinners, maintained tight conditions in the middle overs by exerting pressure and claiming vital wickets. The bowlers were supported by several outstanding catches and run-outs, and the fielding was accurate.

Fielding and Extras

As is often the case, fielding had a significant impact on the result of this game. Bangladesh had several amazing catches and athletic stops in their fielding. Pakistan, however, suffered greatly as a result of a few missteps. Both teams’ total amount of extras given up was a factor as well; Pakistan gave up more, which made their problems worse.

Match Highlights

There were numerous crucial times throughout the match that changed the tide. The middle-order batting of Shakib, Tamim, and Mushfiqur, together with the final touches played by Mushfiqur, made for an exciting and turbulent innings for Bangladesh. 

The cooperation between Babar and Rizwan was crucial for Pakistan as it maintained their aspirations. But the real game-changers were Mustafizur’s spell and Bangladesh’s outstanding fielding.

Player of the Match

Shakib Al Hasan was named Player of the Match for his overall effort. Bangladesh’s success was largely attributed to his economical bowling performance and critical runs in the middle overs. Shakib was a worthy recipient of this award because of his capacity to contribute in many areas.

Post-Match Reactions

Reactions to the match were a mixture of happiness and sadness. The captain of Bangladesh commended the group’s work and highlighted the role that fielding had in their triumph. The captain of Pakistan admitted their shortcomings and underlined the importance of growing from them. Experts praised the two teams’ spirit of competition as well as the excellent cricket on show.

Impact on Rankings

The results of this game significantly affected both teams’ ICC rankings. Bangladesh’s victory propelled them up the rankings, giving them more confidence going into future competitions. There is still plenty of cricket left in the season, so even though Pakistan was faltering a little, they were still in the running for higher rankings.

Fan Reactions

Social media was buzzing over the match. Supporters from both nations showed their feelings: Bangladeshi fans rejoiced after their team’s victory, while Pakistani fans remained strong in the face of defeat. With commentators and former cricket players offering their thoughts and perspectives, the match became a popular subject.


The match between Pakistan and Bangladesh demonstrated the exciting character of their rivalry once more. The match was interesting because of Pakistan’s spirit of determination and Bangladesh’s overall performance. Cricket fans can expect more of these thrilling matches as both teams prepare for their upcoming meetings. 

This game demonstrated the thrill and unpredictability of cricket, particularly when two fervent teams like Bangladesh and Pakistan compete. Hope, you got the complete information about the Bangladesh National Cricket Team vs. Pakistan National Cricket Team Match Scorecard.


Who was the Player of the Match?

Shakib Al Hasan was named the Player of the Match for his all-round performance.

What was the turning point of the match?

The turning point was Shakib Al Hasan’s aggressive batting in the middle overs and Mustafizur Rahman’s crucial wickets.

How did Bangladesh’s fielding impact the match?

Bangladesh’s sharp fielding, including some stunning catches and run-outs, significantly impacted the match by adding pressure on the Pakistani batsmen.

What were the key highlights of Pakistan’s innings?

The key highlights were the partnership between Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan, which kept Pakistan in the game until a mini-collapse in the middle overs.

What is the historical significance of this rivalry?

The Bangladesh-Pakistan cricket rivalry has grown over the years, with both teams producing memorable matches that have added to the excitement and intensity of their encounters.

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